Fully Electric Racing

As part of the global events team I was charge of managing and designing and delivering artwork to brand each of the track areas of this global championship.

Based at Formula E headquarters in London each individual item had to be branded to specifcation from CAD drawings. The designs were then assembled in Adobe Illustrator and placed into production locally in the country where they were set to appear.

I worked on location in sites across world to ensure the placement and installation was perfect, providing maximum exposure to crowds and television audiences around the world.

Made to measure

Each race was completely different from the last so every backdrop, sign and bridge had to be made to measure.

A fresh coat of paint

Strict colour profiles for the Formula E brand and that of our sponsors had to be adhered to for consistancy throughout

Bigger IS better

Desiging for broadcast meant getting as much bang for our buck on every branded surface.

The Race is on

With races taking place a frequently as every week in the height of the Formula E calendar, getting custom artwork over to suppliers in time was often a challenge. I overcame this by keeping a tight production shedule and maintaining clear communication channels between my studio team and suppliers.

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